Thursday, May 15, 2008

Start of the Two-a-Days ...

... hopefully. I had a revelation last night that my tri is coming up in about two and a half months - 80 days, to be precise (for analytical breakdown of said revelation, go here). Therefore, I decided (and fo' realz this time) to get serious on my workouts, doing two-a-days whenever possible.

Today: running and swimming. I'll swim later tonight (and blog later!), but for now, the run.

Was going to run earlier this morning, but got lazy so I didn't. Therefore, I decided to run outside after lunch - not go to the gym and treadmill it, but outside in the neighborhood. So I could get a general idea on time, I waited until my little iPod clock turned to 3:10 and then started off. I decided to start off going upward to hopefully end with a downward descent back to the house. However, I decided to make my first, rather than my second turn (it got hot) and go through my old subdivision rather than the one a bit further south (directionally speaking). Went through there, past the school ... realized I hadn't been out all that long after checking the iPod, so kept running down the street, past the one entrance to my subdivision ... and ended up backtracking my way home (which equals uphill. boo.).

Total time/distance? A little over 18 minutes and 1.8 miles. Averaging about a 10-minute mile ... that needs to get chopped down to the 8.5-minute mile that I was doing at the end of last summer ... hopefully within 80 days ...

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