Saturday, May 17, 2008

Walking and Sprinting

Today will be another two-a-day day ... especially since my earlier workout was kind of crap.

Anyway, since I have the worst luck when it comes to tires, I had to go drop my car off and get a nail out of my front driver's side tire and have it patched. Tire place says it'll be about an hour, hour-fifteen until it can get fixed. Obviously I wasn't going to wait, so I walked home. Total distance? 1.75 miles. Hung out at home for about an hour before wandering back over. I ended up doing the 1.75 miles back to the tire place with a detour in between to go do some hill sprints.

When going west down this one main road to my house, I always see this sunken field thingy with a nice incline surrounding it. I've seen kids playing football on this field. So, since it has "hills," I figured I'd go run them.

When I get there, of course, and see them up close, they're huge. Much bigger than I had originally thought. I did five of them and about died. Now, I will admit if I had my motivator with me, I probably would have done five more. Buuuuut, since I didn't (and was wondering why stupid tire place hadn't called me yet), I said, "screw you, hill!" and proceeded to do five regular sprints in the field and called it good. Crappy, I know.

Good news, however, is I also got a little bit of pedaling in as I went bike shopping today. I think I found a bike I love and shall hopefully get it tomorrow so I can run and bike for tomorrow's workout.

As for the rest of tonight, I think I'll go swim - breaststroke only, as has been decided by the committee.

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