Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Easy" Day

My gym day was much like the boy's - intentions on being much, much better, but the reality fared much differently.

Me, I first did my 10 minute recumbent warm up (keeping my rpm's at 80 - gotta work on that cadence!) and then stretched out really, really well.

I was initially going to run outside today, but after waking up late and seeing it really windy, I figured I'd just do the 2/3 sprint workout on the treadmill. Buuuut, after 20 minutes (3.5mph/6.0mph), my body just wasn't having any of it, so I said, "Fine, self, you won today, but I'm still taking you on a nice long bike ride tomorrow! Oh, and we're lifting too," and left.

I know that some days, you've just gotta listen to your body and today was one of them.

Although, I also know one of my big issues today was my diet - I ate like crap today. Thanks to the failed bodybugg experiment, I did actually learn a lot about how my body reacts to certain foods. Note to self: eat more, and eat better (and add in some more protein).

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