Friday, May 30, 2008

Closer to my goal

Although yesterday we didn't technically "work out" we did walk around the zoo laughing at all the dirty hookers. It was nice to get a little working out in while still having a day off. However, today it was time to climb back on the horse and get to work.

Went for another run around the neighborhood. I changed up my playlist a little prior to the run to get me a little more variety (hooray for The Used and Cary August!) and again let T take the lead to start us off. We ran up a hill that was just a bitch. Honestly, after that, I could have died, but still, did good.

Ran 2.35 in 20:28 for an 8:41 minute per mile pace. 11 seconds away from my pace goal. Need to get consistent with this's hoping...

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