Friday, May 9, 2008

Runnin' the Rocks

After waking up with a sore, sore body, Brandon and I took advantage of a lazy morning before doing one of the tougher workouts around - Denver's own stairmaster, Red Rocks Amphitheatre. While Red Rocks is more widely known as one of, if not the best concert venues anywhere and ever (natural! gorgeous! outside!), tons of Coloradoans also turn the park into their own personal gym, either hiking or running the various trails nearby or running the steps and bleachers.

I can't find the exact stats, but if one were to run every single row at Red Rocks, one would log either three or four miles (or somewhere near there). We didn't do quite so much, but we did spend at least a good 45 minutes pounding the pavement-y stuff. We started off running the rows; I think we did about six to warm up before stretching out really well (which felt oh so good ... so sore ... i hurt today). After that, we continued to run the rows, doing about 30 rows (ish; i forget) before sprinting a row. I then walked two (boy walked one) before continuing it back up. I managed 10 more rows before I had to stop - my breathing got to a point where it hasn't been since a 5K last July and before that, probably since freshman year hockey practice.

Admittedly, I should have only done five rows, but the boy and I push each other, so I said I'd make it 10, so I did. After that, he kept running the rows a bit while I decided to go to one of the side stairwells (well, not technically a stairwell since outside, but close enough) and run my way to the top. I had to stop twice to catch my breathing and because of some leg pain, but I did it. I then waited at the top for my boy to power his way up the 70 rows. He did it; he slowed down for the last dozen or so, but he did it and I was ridiculously proud of him.

The downside, of course, was that I think he may have pushed himself a little too much as I ended up having to carry him to the car (go legs). Oh well, he supports me; I support him and I love it. :)

Anyway, tomorrow will be a very light cardio day and then race on Sunday!

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