Saturday, May 24, 2008

Running Again (and a whole lotta walking)

Brandon comes back in town - I run again. Woot!

Anyway, he and I needed to do some shopping at the mall so, given gas prices and the fact that we needed to run, we decided to lace up and jog on over to the mall. We didn't quite make it to the door (he can blame me on that), but with lights and everything, we ended up doing about 1.8 miles in a little over 19 minutes. Not great, but not awful, either. Brandon was upset with his performance, but I had to remind him a.) he's back at altitude and b.) he didn't properly hydrate himself as usual. Therefore, I thought he did fine. Silly boyfriend. :-p

Anyway, since we ran to the mall and had bags, we naturally had to walk back home. Feet are killing me, but it was a good day for cardiovascular activity nonetheless.

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