Monday, May 19, 2008

Found Motivation

I took yesterday off for two reasons:

1.) I'm sunburned from walking the other day. When fried by the sun, I have little to no energy. Stupid sun.
2.) Pretty much all of yesterday was spent bike shopping. I did get a bike which I'll drool about when I actually use the damn thing. I did get a marginal bit of exercise while test-riding bikes, but not really enough to write home about (or, in my case, blog about).

After staying up almost all night thanks to picking my drunk-ass brother and a few of his drunk-ass friends up from a bar, I slept in reeeally late today. As a result, motivation was low to actually get off my own rear end and do something. However, with that ever-looming tri deadline (76 days), I forced myself to suck it up, endure the pain of squashing my sunburned torso into a sports bra and go for a run.

1.73 miles and 17:29 later, I was back home, feeling sweaty but glad I went. I totally forgot to register myself for hockey tonight, so instead I think I'll just go lift later and maybe swim if I'm ambitious enough ...

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