Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Legs = Dead

While Brandon is interviewing this morning (good luck baby!), I decided to use the time advantageously by working out in a way he can't yet - by riding my bike. Haven't ridden since last week, so I figured I'd get a ride in. I knew it would be interesting since my legs are still toast from Monday (my quaaaaddddsssss), but I also had to get a ride in.

Sooo, I left the house and decided to do the 470 trail despite it being ridiculously hilly. Oh, and it's windy out. I went the E-470 route first ... got to Peoria and turned back around. Didn't want to quit there, so I went up to Quebec on C-470, turned a little and then wound my way through the neighborhood and the park back home. All in all, I did 8.38 miles in around 38:30 ... which equates to a crappy, crappy 13mph or something. Without the wind, hills and jello legs, that would have been a lot better. But, at least I got out there, right?


Running later with the boy.

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