Friday, May 9, 2008

Running at Red Rocks

Finally we got up to Red Rocks to get our running in! It was a beautiful day, if not too breezy.

T and I warmed up with a slow jog up and down the rows, then stretched. We really stretched out well since we were both a little sore from yesterday (Ok, a LOT sore). Then we got into our workout. I wanted to jog the rows, so T let me take the lead and off we went. We started at row 60. I was feeling really really good throughout the whole thing. Unfortunately, my girl pushed herself too hard and at about row 35 had to walk a little. We walked together then started running again at row 33. She told me to keep going. I ran ahead of her until she stopped at row 23. I was worried about her breathing, but she told me she was ok and was going to run the stairs. I asked her to wait at the top railing for me.

I ran again, starting at row 24. I ran down to I think row 18, then saw T at the top. I decided this was the moment and was going to run it all the way from the bottom to the top.

I went to the bottom, cranked up Fair, and off I went. At the beginning, I felt exhilarated. But as I got closer to the top, I struggled. I noticed I had to take the stairs now with TWO strides rather than one. And normally where I would have something for the final push, there was nothing left.

For the first time since I've started seriously working out, I felt like giving up today. My ability/athleticism are not what they used to be and the frustrations are hitting an all time high right now. Theresa is keeping me upbeat and reminding me how far I've come, but still...I know I can do more.

We'll see how the 5K goes on Sunday. And a new goal has been established. I want to achieve it by my birthday. I am determined to do it.

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