Monday, May 19, 2008

Legs and Pool

As I hoped I would, I made it to the gym tonight for workout #2 of the day - lifting legs and swimming.

I believe I said earlier that I wanted to lift more, so off to lift I went - legs today. Started off with a combo weighted lunge/rear leg extension and mixed those with some wall sits. I then did some seated calf extensions in hopes of getting my calves to the awesomeness they attained last year. From there, sets on the seated leg press, the seated leg curl and the seated leg extension. The leg extension, for quads, ended up being a pain since the 5/10lb stacker thingy wasn't working so my options were 60 or 80 pounds. Well, 60's too low and 80's a bit much for me right now. Therefore, I had a choice: do lots of reps with low weight (what i probably should have done) or few reps with high weight (my ultimate choice).

From there, I was off to the pool. I was going to start off the same way I did last pool session, but for some reason my arms were dead. Therefore, I ended up just doing my crappy version of a pool sprint workout:

4x100m (though not horribly fast 'cuz my arms were killing me for whatever reason)
4x50m (better ... tried to speed it up a little. arms were also feeling a bit better - warmed up, probably)
4x25m (sprinted; did each one in about :30)

So, I ended up doing a total of 700m - not bad. My pool workouts are already longer this year than they were last year plus, now that I've decided on this total breaststroke thing, much more efficient.

Up for tomorrow: A ride with my brother to test out the new wheels. I'm excited. I may do some speed/quick feet drills too ... they're not necessarily tri-training stuff, but good to do anyway.

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