Thursday, May 1, 2008

Late Run Blog

... and I mean late as in I-forgot-to-blog-about-this-yesterday late.

Anyway, Brandon needed to go get new tires on his car (he was afflicted with the t flat disease, apparently). Since we needed and wanted to run as well, we brought our stuff with us to run while the tires were being put on his car. Brandon knew the area, so I told him to lead the way. So, we stretched out well (first time since the 5k) and just took off running. We probably got about a mile before we needed (okay, i needed) to walk some, we walked some and we turned around. I needed to walk more than he did - I'm still easing my way back into this running shit, yo - but in total, we did about 2.3 miles which really isn't bad.

The new shoes (which i got on monday - got the gait analysis and everything) felt pretty good, though after a while it feels like my feet are overheating. I'm trying to remember if my feet are always like that with new shoes until they get a bit looser, or if it's these. I figure if my feet are still giving me crap like that the next few times I run, I'll call the store and ask if it's normal or what.

I've also walked a ridiculous amount in the past two days while shopping for a dress and stuff (silly mall of america), so that's good. Eating hasn't been the best, but I'ma workin' on it, okay?

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