Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Determined...stupid blister

Alright, working out two days in a row. Go me! Being in Denver with Theresa helps, as does the reality that she and I have both pudged up a bit. Therefore, we are working out every day this week.

Today she took me for a run. We ran down a path (and did a little walking) mostly separated. I let her take the lead and followed, until near the end I ran in front of her. I was struggling quite a bit today for whatever reason. I think it was lack of protein + lack of hydration + stupid blister on my toe.

We played a bit at a park then turned around. We tried running again, but unfortunately, I was unable to run due to the blister on my toe. We did walk it all the way back to her car, which was nice.

5K on Sunday, and I am determined to get it done.

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