Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pool Rockstar

Was going to go on a ride today with the brother, but he didn't have time and it ended up being uber-windy (i'm a lot farther south than the where the tornadoes were, but still, man!). Therefore, I decided, "I think I'll swim instead."

So, I hauled my butt to the gym. Started off with a nice, easy warm-up - 7min walking on the treadmill, but I did get up to a 4.0 incline at one point ... I then stretched out really well which felt unbelievably good. I then did a bunch of ab/lower back (read: core) work and I honestly don't remember all I did. I know that I was in the middle of some regular and side (hyper)extensions when my head started pounding. I thought it may be the random blood sloshing around in my head thanks to the raising and lowering of said melon. In any case, I decided that was enough of that and hopped in the pool.

Today's pool workout was, once again, entirely breaststroke. I just decided to start swimming and keep swimming until I didn't feel like I could swim anymore, pausing only to switch directions (have i mentioned i need to learn flip turns?).

Well, this rockstar did 1000m!!!!! About halfway through I could barely see out of my goggles. Around 75m after that, I noticed my cheeks felt weird (and still do) thanks to me exhaling underwater. Finally, at around 955ish, I started to feel a bit nauseous, so I called it quits after I finished that lap. It took me about 25 minutes to do said 1000m which I'm pretty happy about. I definitely didn't swim all that fast, but I kept going and going and going! When I finally stopped, I also finally felt that my goggles had been seriously digging into the side of my nose/face. Ow.

Biking tomorrow. No matter what. Plus, probably something with the boy in the evening since he comes back! For good! :)

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