Monday, May 26, 2008

Leg workout and swimming

I am SO taking advantage of the gym membership I am paying for. ;)

Went with the girl tonight for a bit of swimming and leg work. We did the leg work first. Warmed up with some lunges but twisted them a bit. Diagonal lunges, followed by the lunges that T does where you kick your leg out. We then did some body squats with some weight, then I made T and myself do the angled leg press. I threw a lot of weight on and had no problems. We topped it off with standing calf raises and what T calls hamstring ball thingies.

After that we swam. I swam 100 yards crawl right off the bat and felt a little tired, but pretty amazing. I then helped my girlfriend work on some form and technique and we continued to swim some laps. All in all, I swam about 400 yards. Not too shabby. We also did a little resistance training in the pool, as well as had a little fun. :-)

Run a little tomorrow afternoon or evening.

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