Sunday, May 4, 2008

Balls x Two

So this is really two days worth of blogging here ...

Yesterday, after being cooped up in a car for about six hours (had to drive back home with the boy), we decided we wanted to be a little active so we walked around the neighborhood in search of a place to do a little throwing and a little batting practice. Thanks to the nice day and the multitude of neighborhood children, this was harder than expected. So, instead of being able to do our thing at a park close to home, we ended back at our old standby, Sweetwater Park.

At the park, we ran into my brother and his dog, so we played with them for a little while, got in some light BP and then walked on home.

Today, we were going to run, but that didn't end up happening. So, we just threw around a bit before my softball game where superfan Brandon ended up being our third base coach. Go Brandon! We lost (as usual), I had one hit (barely) and basically sucked in the field (stupid third).

So, two days of nice, light activity and hopefully some good running and maybe some lifting tomorrow ...

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