Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back at Gold's

Today was extremely depressing outside, with temperatures hovering in the 50's and a light rain falling all day. I had very little motivation to get my ass going, but decided I had to go to the gym, so I did.

I warmed up with a short walk on the treadmill, then ran two miles with the incline at 2.0. I did it in under 20 minutes, varying my pace throughout the workout and with a full sprint at the end. It felt really good to do, although I should probably do something else with cardio tomorrow. :-p

I also got in a quick upper body workout. Did 3 sets of curls and also some shoulder presses. Not much, but enough to say that I got the workout in and to feel good about myself.

In other news, I signed up for a gym membership out in Colorado so now I can work out with my girl whenever I am out there! I am so excited to be establishing my life out there, even if it does mean leaving Minnesota. Strangely, I feel better doing that than staying here. :-)

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