Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gym Day

First things first, we registered for our race on Sunday, so Home Run for Homelessness 5K, here we come!

Secondly, we were going to run Red Rocks this morning (shoulda done it yesterday; oh well), but it was pouring, so we decided we'd just gym it up at the rec center after lunch (t needs to head back to 24 at some point, but yeeahhhhh).

We started off by warming up a bit. I did about three minutes on a recumb bike which is less than I'd like, but it was some, so yeah. Brandon and I then got into a minor argument, so after a little stretching, he decided to go run a mile as fast as he could around the track (so 12 laps). Me, I kept stretching out before running my mile which I did fairly quickly, actually. However, I paced myself differently since I knew that's all I was going to do. After I finished, we talked things out again, walked a lap, then ran 1/4 of a mile together (he made it 1/3 by sprinting one more lap).

After running, we headed down to the weights so we could lift for the first time since forever. We started off with arms (which brandon basically led), doing some lat pulldowns, some dumbbell curl and presses (my choice), flies and straight-up shoulder presses (of doom). We then stood on these weird balance disc thingys (forget the name of them) and tossed a medicine ball back and forth some. After that, I led a marginal bit of legs - some lunges combined with reverse leg extensions as well as some ball hamstring curl thingys. Finally, we finished up with some ab work using medicine balls.

I think I maybe would have liked a bit more cardio, but all in all, it was a good workout.

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