Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Need for Speed

So Brandon wanted to run today and even though I had a crappy ass workout this morning, I decided I'd run again with him ... partially because I need to and partially because I don't want him getting lost. ;)

In any case, we just did some random loop around the neighborhood though our final stretches ended up being a bit different due to miscommunication. I ended up doing about 2.33 miles in 25:05 ... which still puts me at a 10:45ish mile which is CRAP. I need to get a lot faster than that, let me tell you.

I mean yes, I could blame my legs, but they were feeling okay once I got into a groove. I could always blame my stupidity for wearing a sweatshirt (later, cooler ... but stupidly humid) which made me uncomfortable about a half-mile in ... but oh well. I guess it partially goes back to the lungs in all honesty - I just don't have it yet. I need to find it though, and soon.

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