Thursday, May 8, 2008

beating myself up

Back on the horse after a one day hiatus. T and I went to the local rec center to get in some lifting and running, since it was raining this morning at Red Rocks (boo).

We warmed up on bikes, and unfortunately got into a bit of an argument. Me, being the coward, decided to run away from my problems and run a mile as fast as I could. I know I ran it in under 7 minutes, but not a good idea. T then ran and we talked it out. We both did a bit of running around the track together then.

After that, lifting time. I led the upper body routine (lat pull downs, dumbbell flies and shoulder presses) and she did a curl/over the head routine. Then she led me in core exercises, which I blew major rhino cock in. This was extremely annoying to me that I could not do well. It goes to show that no matter how far I have come, there is still a LONG road ahead.

Still running the 5K on Sunday...hoping to do well...unfortunately, not holding my breath

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